Replacing HDD to SSD - Specialist advises.

Posted by Rysiek 09/07/2020 0 Comment(s)

Most older computers, laptops and macbooks are equipped with HDD or magnetic disks, slow and quite emergency. The operation of the Windows and Macos operating systems generates a lot of disk operations. We feel this as a general slowdown of the entire system, due to the fact that magnetic disks are currently the slowest element of any modern computer. They limit the processor's performance considerably due to the long time of access to the information contained therein, reduce the comfort of working in multitasking, cause general system hangs, are quite noisy, and generate large amounts of heat during operation, which has a very negative impact on the work of our computer.

A new type of SSD drives have been on the market for quite a long time, they are semiconductor drives that do not contain any moving mechanical parts, with a very high reliability index. However, the most important advantage of SSDs is their speed of operation. After installing even in the older iMac, Macbook or laptop we feel a significant increase in the performance of the entire system. Starting from the time of starting our computer, on average 5 x faster than from the old disk, through the general improvement of the responsiveness of all computer operations. Another very important feature of SSDs is their reliability, and each of us likes to sleep peacefully without worrying about the fact that the computer will not start and the data will be lost due to HDD failure. It should also be added that SSDs consume 70% less energy than traditional drives, and emit much less heat.

Also, if you care about the comfort of work, not the failure of your computer and time, we recommend replacing the old HDD with a new fast and reliable SSD. We offer the choice of the right disk, professional assembly, installation of the operating system and data migration to the new disk.

Thanks to our service, your computers will remain functional for longer, gain a second youth, be able to work with 100% efficiency and definitely enjoy long and stable work.

We invite you to our Eplelegevakt site at Mørstad Center in Mysen. To meet your needs, we also offer the option of picking up the equipment directly from the customer's home.

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