The screen of the iPhone 11 Pro Max delighted

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The screen of the iPhone 11 Pro Max delighted - it is second to none!

The iPhone 11 Pro Max screen impressed - the highest rating ever

Experts from the Display Mate portal have checked reliably and without compromise check and compare the capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro Max display. The results are a blow to the shoulders and surprise even the greatest experts in the electronic industry. It turns out that the screen literally outclassed other competing displays that are found on smartphones from other manufacturers. It received the highest rating in the history of displays on mobile phones - an A + rating.

iPhone 11 Pro Max screen

Display Mate tests guarantee reliability. The team consists of experts who do not have the slightest secrets for the mobile and electronics industry.

After tests, it turned out that the new baby Iphone is number one compared to last year's edition. On the iPhone Xs Max, the display quality on the iPhone 11 Pro Max has increased dramatically.

Most of the parameters for the display of the iPhone 11 Pro Max are new records or alignment of existing ones. Those are:

The highest contrast among screens in OLED technology,
The highest contrast ratio - 171 at 100% APL,
The highest brightness of full screen among smartphones with displays in OLED technology - 770 rivets for 100% APL and 821 rivets 50% APL,
The highest absolute accuracy in color reproduction - 0.9 JNCD - basically for the human eye, the difference in distinction by the human eye is impossible,
Highest HDR step brightness - 1290 nits for HDR at 20% APL,
The highest screen reflection ratio - 4.5%,
The highest visible screen resolution - 2.7 K, 2688 x 1242.
It is worth highlighting one more fact. The screen in the iPhone 11 Pro Max is characterized by 15% more energy efficiency and 17% more peak brightness compared to its predecessor - the iPhone Xs Max.

A real "must have" for enthusiasts of 4K technology
At the end we have for you an amazing curiosity and a real "firecracker", which was revealed during the tests. At a resolution of 2.7 K (2688 x 1242), the pixels that we view from a distance of more than 25 centimeters, have perfect sharpness for the human eye. The result is that 4K smartphones are nothing but a marketing ploy, because with such screen dimensions, 4K resolution does not bring any real benefit when it comes to comfort of use.

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