About Us

Repair of iPhones in Østfold / Viken


Eplelegevakt.no has been repairing phones and tablets in Østfold / Viken for 8 years. We plan to expand and open new branches throughout Norway. We want high quality repairs using branded parts at the best price. In 2019, we developed services by recovering LCD from damaged screens. We use the best tools for this and we are proud to have many satisfied customers. 90% of LCD screens are legitimate Apple products.


We are not an official Apple location! When repairing the screen, we use a special technique that allows us to split broken glass and reuse the original screen. We are constantly developing, we also send people to China for training in repair and service of the latest tools, phone models and service machines. We have contacts in China, Germany and Taiwan.


PAWLOWICZ AS, Prosjekt-, Eplelegevakt.no, are based in Mysen and we accept all tasks in the field of Apple iPhone, iPad, iWatch. You can find us in Mørstadsenteret in the city center, and we are available by phone all day 99874418.


We work with Innovi AS, specialists in the field of desktop and laptop repairs. Innovi is the main provider of IT-related services for both private and commercial sectors. They deal with, among others, LAN / hosting, security, cloud and remote network management.